Marathon Information

Marine Corps Marathon and 10k
October 28, 2012
Washington , DC

Entry Fee

Entry fee is $95. You will pay your entry fee to A4P. As a charity partner, A4P is then responsible for registering you in the race. You will need to complete the Online Registration and a waiver prior to being entered.


We are asking that each runner set a fundraising goal of $800 dollars. The donations can be made on line.  A4P will be tracking donation amounts to the runners. However, it is a good idea to keep track as well. Each runner can hold outside events for fundraising but ask that you contact A4P so that we may provide support in the capacity the runner is requesting.

A4P will be hosting several fundraising event s leading up to the race. Those events will be listed on this page. We ask that you publicize these events and make an effort to attend them.

Transportation and Lodging

Transportation and Lodging will be at the cost and discretion of the individual runner.  A4P will not be providing transportation or lodging for runners. The MCM web site lists special rates for flights and rooms in Washington, DC.

Event Weekend

We recognize that each runner has a routine and diet they are comfortable with in the days leading up to a race. In addition, we recognize that each individual is in a unique situation regarding finances, time off, family, etc. Therefore, we want you to enjoy your weekend, celebrate the culmination of your training and relish the family time. But A4P would like to thank of all its runners by hosting a dinner on Friday night October 26. The place and time have yet to be determined. A4P will pay for the meal for the runner +1 and ask that the families pay for additional meals for children, etc.